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  • Hotel Photography
  • Hotel OTA  Account Management
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  • Emotional Connection
  • Visual Engagement
  • Customer Confidence
  • Brand Loyalty


  • Improve Conversion Rate
  • Visual Engagement
  • Returning Visitors
  • User Engagement

OTA (Online Travel Agency) Account Management

While hoteliers can become disgruntled at the high commissions charged by OTAs, it’s important to remember that OTAs can put your hotel at the fingertips of audiences you could not reach as a stand-alone hotel. Cumulatively, they spend billions in online marketing to increase the number of bookings made through their websites. We believe that hotels must work with a select number of OTAs in order to gain worldwide exposure and create brand awareness.

What we did and  we are doing?

We complete a full health check of your existing OTA listings and make recommendations to improve how your hotel is represented. We can also recommend new OTAs that may suit your market. We have established relationships with these companies and can offer advice on their ever demanding requests for rate parity and additional inventory.

While we recognise the importance of the OTAs, our revenue management team know exactly when to turn the tap on and off. Our detailed analysis of your booking pace and pick up trends will alert you when to reduce allocation or close out OTAs. Similarly, we will ensure you keep your best rates and room types on your official website, giving customers additional incentives to book direct.